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  • Michal Mierzejewski Effect

    Hi! This is my first time posting on RP. I've got a question regarding Michal Mierzejewski's amazing images. I was just wondering if anyone had any amazing insite on how he might achieve his final images? I'm assuming in most cases it's playing with some settings in Camera RAW? In other cases a combination of HDR and Camera RAW? In either case, I don't have much experience in either area, so any advise, tips, or tricks would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Re: Michal Mierzejewski Effect

    Pretty Much plain old boring excellent landscape photography. There'l be camera raw optimization and probably curves in photoshop. On the few i saw, i didnt see hdr. You can bring an image into the dynamic range of your camera using graduated filters. Forget HDR its old hat and most people who know about photography think it looks ugly. Landscape work is hard and requires revisiting a place over and over to capture a scene in perfect light, with those amazing skys, clouds etc.

    Learn photography. the retouching in his work is more optimization of a great image to start with, not retouching a bad image and making something magical.

    Good luck


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      Re: Michal Mierzejewski Effect

      Most of the photography there is HDR. Most of the professional landscape photography today is HDR.... I'm not a fan of it myself, but i agree that for serious landscape photography "responsible hdr" is a must.

      HDR doesn't mean that you can only obtain it from various exposures. Sometimes the scene allows you to get away with various conversions of the same RAW. Some other times you will need a couple more exposures.


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        Re: Michal Mierzejewski Effect

        Thank you for the responses guys! I appreciate the insite Danny, and to an extent I tend to agree with you. There are some definite filters being used there. Although I am pretty sure, that it's still HDR in many of the images. Difference being, most of the "typical" HDR you see out in the photography world is severely tone mapped... not the case here. He does a good job of keeping it semi-realistic, although with a very "perfect-like" view of everything. He brings out a lot more detail than a typical ordinary photo, which is the clue to me that it is HDR, to an extent.

        As for flex, I definitely appreciate your point of view as well! To be quite honest, I've never thought of it like that! I'm going to be playing around with different tones and exposures with my RAW files trying to get a similar effect.

        Lately I've been doing a lot with portraits, pin-ups, and other photos of a much different nature than landscapes. While fun, I'm currently going through a career change that will not allow me to spend quite as much time editing and retouching photos of that type of nature though. So I will be turning my attention more towards landscapes, aircraft, and other inanimate objects!


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          Re: Michal Mierzejewski Effect

          i guess he does not want to reply.
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