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  • Retouching.

    Hi I have photographically from Peru 12 years working in the photographic art. FUJIFILM work for the company in the area of photographic retouching becomes independent after 6 years working as independent retoucher I like my job. managing a substantial portfolio of clients in my country I'm studying photography and I want to also be a photographer to supplement my profession.

    I like dawn beside my compu that my hobby.

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    Re: Retouching.

    Nice texture


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      Re: Retouching.

      thank you very much


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        Re: Retouching.

        excellent work....a little detail about your work flow and digital make-up techniques would be great!


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          Re: Retouching.

          I am glad that you like and will put the way they work. for now I'll upload more pictures and q'm new to the forum


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            Re: Retouching.

            Overall I like the image :-)
            Just some tiny things here and there:
            On her cheeks there's quite rough texture/large pores, I'd tone that down a tad, her face has lost a little definition or maybe started with little, anyway I'd use some dodge & burn to sculpt the face a little more.
            The stars look pretty fake. Too harsh edges and not perfectly wrapped around her cheek bone.
            And the hair definitively needs work, lots of work :-)

            I pretty much like the make up and colors!
            Did you learn that on yourself?


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              Re: Retouching.

              take due account of dodge & burn true apologize for the English but I speak Spanish.


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                Re: Retouching.

                Hi Carlos, great work! is this complete D&B?


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                  Re: Retouching.

                  suryapuranik, did not understand your question


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                    Re: Retouching.

                    Originally posted by carlosmideros View Post
                    suryapuranik, did not understand your question
                    I mean did you retouch the pic only by using dodge and burn technique?


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