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adding skin texture

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  • adding skin texture

    Ok first post. How do i add realistic skin to my model?
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    Re: adding skin texture

    This is over blur.


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      Re: adding skin texture

      Borrow texture from a different model.
      Here a quick sample:
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        Re: adding skin texture

        Dont remove it in the firstplace and use dodge and burn to smooth it if necessary.

        For your image in its current state :
        You might use some noise on a separate layer set to Overlay and lower opacity, then blur it somewhat until you reach pore size. Then mask out the areas not needed.


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          Re: adding skin texture

          It's not only missing pores, it's overly flat because of too much blur, so just adding texture won't do the job.

          Anyhow here's a tutorial on how to add skin texture borrowed by other models like chillin did: (Step 5)


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            Re: adding skin texture

            thank you all for the advice here is the original could some one give me an example of this d&b technique?
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              Re: adding skin texture

              First I recommend you do a thourough skin cleaning with the healing and clone tools with a very small brush size. Then I recommend you make visualization layers (2 adjusment layers one to desaturate and another to increase contrast on the skin) with this start to look for blotchy parts of the skin and select your D&B method (for me its 2 adjusment layers one solid color layer set to white and another to black both with blending mode of soft light). I recommend you work on these 3 zooms 25% 50% and 100% when you find a dark blotchy spot you paint the mask of the solid color layer set to white with a low opacity brush (10-20%) and you do the same if you find "white" blotchy parts only this time you paint on the solid color layer set to black.
              For practice start with general stuf meaning not pore scale.

              Take a look at this thread (specially where I posted the mask of the D&B) to get an idea. Just don't go over board like I did on that photo that it started to look like blur...


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                Re: adding skin texture

                thanks cuervo79 and all others for help. OK here is my feeble attempt at d&b but it seem that the color gets washed out?
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                  Re: adding skin texture

                  You can "add the color back" if you use either a solid color layer set to color and 40% opacity or a gradient map layer with the same options. The only thing is that with the gradient map you need to pic the colors and then adjust their placing to get a nice result, its better than the solid color layer but takes a little bit of more time...


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                    Re: adding skin texture

           Niena has some videos and tutorials on Dodge and Burn techniques.

                    I have some examples and ecplanations in my blog in these posts ...



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