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How to get this skin tone

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  • How to get this skin tone

    I am looking for help to get this brown desaturated skin tones.

    Here is what I tried so far:
    - contrast sharpening
    - b/w layer in diffuse glow to get the desaturation
    - new fill layer with solid color brown tone

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    Re: How to get this skin tone

    Please someone know how to get such skin tone?



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      Re: How to get this skin tone

      What you interesting is the sumary of things.

      A good/several raw conversions would do for the tones but there's a lot more than that going on.

      D&B - gradient maps - sharpening/local contrast

      A very selective use of color (minimalistic muted color contrast)

      Just my two cents



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        Re: How to get this skin tone

        Thanks Godmother
        Do you know if there is a preset for Adobe Camera Raw?
        or a good tutorial?


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          Re: How to get this skin tone

          Layer one (colour). Copy layer one and make it black and white...from here you can either lower the opacity to around 60% on the black and white layer. Add a saturation adjustment layer on top and boost/cut etc from there. Maybe some more levels/contrast adjustments.

          Or do it the Joel Grimes way which is set the fill light pretty high, contrast low and duplicate that layer and make it black and white. Set the B&W layer to soft light or overlay. Then add saturation usually reducing the red and yellow channels by around 10%. Add a new merged layer on top of that and add gaussian blur, set that to overlay and opacity about 10-20%. Finally add another merged layer on top of the rest, highpass filter set to overlay around 45-55% opacity.

          ...and that's my 2 cents
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            Re: How to get this skin tone

            I really don't understand how can someone advice a recipe for TONES

            It always depends on the original image.

            It's like me saying how do I make my color to look "this shade of red"?

            Someone says : add A and then B

            How do you know if my color is "gray" or if it's "yellow"

            Honestly... You need a point A to get to a point B and the ways are endless depending on both