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warp a layer with it's mask??

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  • warp a layer with it's mask??

    Hello all,

    Tis not often I ask for help!

    I'm trying to figure out how to (if possible) warp in cs3/4 a layer with mask, and affect the mask as well.

    Usually I check my mask, and apply, but for this job, I need to keep the mask in place.

    With Thanks

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    Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

    Use liquify instead of warping. That way you can save the mesh and then apply it to the mask or to any other layer you need. Make sure that, if you liquified in a selection, you also save that selection as an alpha channel for future use, as the saved mesh will depend on it for reuse.


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      Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

      Ok sure, i'll try, i don't tend to use the liquify tool, i find it resource hungry, and i work in larger areas... but it might just work in this case- I'm sure i used to transform layers with masks before... CS2 or something.


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        Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

        If you take a look at the layer youll see a small clip between that mask and the actual layer.

        If you click on the clip to cancel it out you could do anything to the layer while not affecting the mask.


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          Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

          Saucisson, or you could temporarily de-activate the mask by Shift clicking on it. Do your warping, then shift click the mask again.


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            Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

            Hi All,

            Thanks for your comments, however i think i may need to re-phrase.

            eg; I create a mask on a complex object (in this example, using channel masking), I then need to transform>warp the layer AND the mask TOGETHER, so that the alignment between the two remains...

            At the moment, I finalise my mask, and apply, then start the warping... but for this job, i'd like to keep the mask.


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              Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

              Sorry for the misunderstanding. Highlight the layer. Turn it into a Smart Object. The entire thing- mask and all- will warp.


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                Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

                "The entire thing- mask and all- will warp." That was thinking it was a layer mask.
                The original solution- using liquify, saving the mesh, and applying the mesh to the channel mask, seems to be the best method if Liquify works for your needs. You could copy and paste the channel mask into a layer, then turn the original layer and the new layer into a warpable smart object. You could then cut and paste the warped "mask" back into the channel palette.


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                  Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

                  Exactly, convert it to an smart object and warp.


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                    Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

                    You're right about CS2, Saucisson. I just double checked and as long as the lock between the layer and the layer mask is there, they will warp together. Turn off the lock and you can individually warp either of them.


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                      Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

                      Another method is to use "Transform Again" which becomes available immediately after using the Transform tool. Use the Transform tool to warp, distort or whatever, once you are happy commit to the changes by hitting enter key. Now you can straight away click on a saved channel or a current mask, and use Edit>Transform>Again and it will apply the last Transformation you performed.


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                        Re: warp a layer with it's mask??

                        All of you are ace... Bill, i'm glad i wasn't going mad!

                        Macburg, i think you have the simplest option, and quick esp. with the shift+CMD+T shortcut, but i can't seem to get it working...

                        Maybe i'm asking too much now, but i've realised why i'm struggling with this, I'm taking a selection from my masked layer- and want to warp that, in this case the selection is only a box - I'm forcing something to fit, i don't want to affect the top part of my mask/composition... i don't really want to make a new layer, and blend back in there after...

                        Smart objects are good for some things, but i find they slow workflow if not really really required.


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