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A few new images.

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  • A few new images.

    Hello everyone,

    Haven't been here in a while. I've been busy shooting and retouching. Here are some images I've retouched recently. Let me know what you think.
    I have some before and after images on my website.

    Please don't modify the images in any way. Thanks.


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    Re: A few new images.

    I like the underexposed bg, strobist style...

    The hair mask needs work on


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      Re: A few new images.

      You are way better at retouching than I am, but I would opine that the skin in the close-up images is a bit TOO perfect, that it actually starts to look a little unreal. If that's the intent, great, if not, hope that gives you some perspective.


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        Re: A few new images.

        How did you get the skin texture in the first photograph? You did an amazing job!


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          Re: A few new images.

          you have done great job. your retouching skills are great


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            Re: A few new images.

            you have some good skills HennadiyK. you might want to do a few more edits.
            1st - your 1st image has a pointed shadow off her nose. her hand wrinkles are a tad to dark. clone out the few hair strands. her right eye seems to have a missing pupil and the catch lights don't match up.
            2nd - WOW that is some Lt. HAND. you went to far with the Liquify tool.
            now that i look at it a LOT. seems you done something that just does not look right from her waist down. her right hand looks to turned in and the leg looks false. is it her leg?
            3rd - i don't know what it is but the top looks uhmmmmmmmm something.
            4th - is your best - just a little work on her hair.

            5th - your a better photographer then i will ever be.


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              Re: A few new images.

              I really loved your pictures. You have created very pretty and natural scenario. Also i would say that you have captured the background and the Divas. Also you have proved you great skills of capturing modeling photography.


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                Re: A few new images.

                Wow! I love retouchpro! Thank you all for your wonderful feedback! I appreciate it!

                @irunbarrels: Thank you. I used D&B technique and high-pass on her skin.
                @ME_wwwing: Wow. Excellent job pointing out things that I've missed.
                1st. I saw that shadow but I think but the time I finished the image, I kind off got used to it...=)) and I absolutely agree on hand shadow....will fix.
                2nd. I went back to check if her hand was liquified and I found that it is actually her hand...The only thing I liquified was her waist. =) I guess I can make her hand smaller =))
                3rd. Agreed. It was a test shoot. Perhaps I should add some saturation to it. Will try something.
                4th. Working on it =)
                Thank you very much for your feedback!!!