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Can someone make this photo look sweet? [Link]

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  • Can someone make this photo look sweet? [Link]

    Bought a Holga camera. Fun, but unpredictable. Here's a pic off my first roll:

    Church Scene

    I like it, but my complaint is that it looks like I took it from inside a car, or through some sort of window, most notably in the upper left-hand corner.

    Can someone make it look better?

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    Re: Can someone make this photo look sweet? [Link]

    LOL, The beauty of the Holga.. light leaks and reflections from the "lens"

    Sobe203, Please, always attach an under 100K version (so the thread remains useful in the future, regardless of external links).

    If you use Photoshop you can post fairly large pictures which are under 100k using the 'save for web' function in Photoshop as described here: Size, Quality and/or Format your Attached Images.. (Click here)

    How to attach Files/Images to your Posts or Threads: (Click here)

    With a Holga it is perfectly OK to keep the ambiance of the camera, although some of my students, way back when, got some excellent photos, (like the one you have here) with these beauties and others like them..

    I think you have a great shot there.. I just tweaked it a little to give it a bit more of a nostalgic feeling BUT I think the Original is very reminiscent of times long ago in my memories and I probably shouldn't have touched it 'cause I like it!

    ~~~ Original ~~ ~~ Nostalgic ~~~
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      Re: Can someone make this photo look sweet? [Link]

      Thanks so much! I appreciate you getting rid of the odd reflection!!

      My idea of reducing its size was unsuccessful - it actually made the file size BIGGER and I was confused by that. I'll try your PhotoShop route next time. =)


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        Re: Can someone make this photo look sweet? [Link]

        Hello. I saw this and thought Id give it a shot
        Its far from finished but I wanted to show what cloning and light/dark can do.
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          Re: Can someone make this photo look sweet? [Link]

          It's mess up. I can do best but it's too much time to make it good.

          Left and right footer

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