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what is the basic of photo retouching?

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  • what is the basic of photo retouching?

    hi every one.
    is photoretouching is must for evary photo.and what is the basic of photo retouching?what is the base....

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    Re: what is the basic of photo retouching?

    Hi AWAIS400,

    To receive an answer you'll have to be more specific Like, what kind of photos are you talking about? Are you a photographer? Are you interested in photo retouching as a hobby or as a job? Please give us more information so that we may respond! It would also be helpful to know what software you use

    In any case, the BASICS are the following:

    General clean up: healing tool, clone tool, patch tool
    Brightness/contrast: levels and curves
    Color correction: color balance, hue/saturation, selective color

    If you search Retouchpro you will find all kinds information... Don't hesitate to ask questions (many friendly people here), just be more specific!

    Good luck!


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      Re: what is the basic of photo retouching?

      Originally posted by AWAIS400 View Post
      hi every one.
      is photoretouching is must for evary photo.
      Yes or No or Maybe - having covered all the bases this is my opinion:

      First I suspect that there is a growing dependence on post processing of digitaly acquired images in Photoshop (or similar). Which could result in sloppy technique in camera - after all you can get it back/change it in PS! In an ideal world you should have captured an image with the correct exposure, WB and framing all perfect you visualised the finished print. Unfortunately we can make errors of judgement at the capture stage or change our ideas on how we feel about the image and how it should look after the exposure has been made and unless we can retake the image we have to resort to some digital magic in post processing.

      I also think it will also depend on the photographic content. For instance high end beauty fashion work probably demands a much greater degree of retouching than say a landscape shot.

      1. If needed crop and straighten the image to remove unwanted elements
      2. Correct Color balance and exposure as required
      3. Shadow and highlight adjustment as needed
      4. Basic retouching to remove any unwanted artifacts
      5. Resize to requirements
      6. Sharpen
      7. Save as copy leaving original intact

      Your image appears perfect in every way onscreen so do nothing.

      Even if the image does appear perfect in every way look again study it - even leave it alone for a while and return to look again. If nothing else it will probably benefit at least from a little sharpening for output.

      So I think that my final answer has to be yes that every image will benefit from some retouching.


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        Re: what is the basic of photo retouching?

        I would say a clear head and fresh eyes and a lot of patience... Otherwise what Tony W and BagLady said would be a definite start.


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          Re: what is the basic of photo retouching?

          Learn to use adj layers, masking and blending modes.

          That is the base for everything else.