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  • Commercial and product retouch

    Hi all, i'm looking for resources regarding product retouching. All what i know is totally self learnt (classic retouch, brushing, color adj, etc). I need to improve the concept behind this kind of retouching like for exemple enchance the product and make it look better than it really is, make pop or remove the highlights and reflections.

    Anyone who works in this area can give more advice or link to some good resource please? Can't find any good book or web site about this.

    Stay cool
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    Re: Commercial and product retouch

    Hi again, funny how none knows about this stuff.
    Anyway i found a book that talks a little bit about this kind of retouch so i'm going to share the link with you but this book is from 2005 so a little bit old.

    As soon i'll have some new stuff I'll keep updated this post.


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      Re: Commercial and product retouch

      That book isn't very good I'm afraid.

      The best resources for this are really hard to find. Product retouching is something that can require a LOT of time to master, but the real only way to learn it is through doing it. If that makes any sense? I started out on retouching football boots, which I do a lot still, but when I kind of learned how to do that, it's easy to apply those skills to other products, such as cars....

      So yeah, look at ads, and just try to get that. Also key in product retouching is (drumroll) look at the actual product. You're trying to make something that is better than the product (no glue/dirt/scruffy bits) but it has to have the same colors as the actual product.

      For some examples of what I've done check out my blog


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        Re: Commercial and product retouch

        Is not that none knows... there isn't anything good on this subject. (note to self, make some videos on product retouching :P)

        The thing is product retouching is about path and illustration and cloning and D&B - applying renders, transforming, warping, blending....

        so much depending on the image.

        It's a case by case situation.



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          Re: Commercial and product retouch

          Originally posted by DJSoulglo View Post
          That book isn't very good I'm afraid.
          Yep, that book is not good at all but I posted it couse it's the only one resource i found about this. Maybe some beginner could find it useful.


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            Re: Commercial and product retouch

            ..and yes, I agre with u Godmother, i think it's is really all about a lot of painting to. Can we say so that product retouching uses a lot of hand painting in the way to reshape or correct the surfaces and the colors and lights?

            Today I had a talk with a creative director and he said me that his vision of product retouching is not about technique but just make products better than they are, it's not about the good shadow it's all about make u feel it works.

            The most compelx thing in my opinion is to understand what to leave and what to retouch, where reconstruct the shine and when leave it...what about u?


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