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Looking for tips retouching metal cooker

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  • Looking for tips retouching metal cooker


    Anyone have some nice tip to retouching metal cooker?
    I'm using some kinda of solar curves than cleaning unwanted surfaces with healing brush, cloning and brushing. Some times I use some bluring on the surface.

    WHich is your best aproach?

    HAve a nice day

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    Re: Looking for tips retouching metal cooker

    Make sure I photograph it in a light tent

    Other than that I'd need to see the image to figure out the best way of doing it but I really do try to get it as right as possible in camera to minimise the amount of retouching I have to do


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      Re: Looking for tips retouching metal cooker

      Regarding to my recent experience in doing this, with a cooker full of reflection and many black of them made by a strong use of flash that change completely the color of the metal (the main problem on this kind of surface) is to redbrush completely the surface with one linear black reflection and some whites but very soft using selections or linear gradient tool with a custom preset.

      As I finish the job I'll post some exemple.


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