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creating this strong effect on editorial pics

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  • creating this strong effect on editorial pics

    hey guys im doing a school editorial project right now and i just want to ask how i could achieve this kind of effect on my pictures because it looks really dramatic and strong.

    also does anybody have any tutorials or tips how i could achieve the kind of smoothness like on the images below because for my images i usually use surface blur and then film grain for texture but the outcome doesnt look as reaslistic as pictures below.

    thanks guys i would really apreciate your help.

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    Re: creating this strong effect on editorial pics

    Welcome to RetouchPro. It would help if you ask more specific questions about areas that you need help. If you attach a photo that you have done and ask how you can improve a particular aspect of that photo, then people can give opinions and tips.

    If you want to know how to create images that look like some of those that you linked to, the answer would need to cover all of these areas -- photography - technique, composition, lighting; working with models - posing, makeup, etc.; retouching - skin (dodge and burn rather than blurring), masking, contrast, color correction, etc., etc... You can search for any and all of those topics and more here on this website and others on the web.

    If you ask questions here, it helps if you can tell us what you already know how to do, what photo editing software you have experience with, what experience you have with photography/lighting/posing, etc.

    Good luck with your project!


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      Re: creating this strong effect on editorial pics

      Well, the first photo is all about the lighting. That's quite obvious. The sky looks a bit fake though. Seems like some kind of HDR thing, but I doubt taht

      Second photo... Well, if you want to bring back tecture to your image use the high pass filter. Copy your base layer, or the layer that still has the original skin texture on it. place it over all your other layers. Go to filters, high pass filter and adjust it to like 3 or 4 or until it starts showing the texture of the skin. It's still grey, I know. Then switch your blending mode to overlay and mask out areas around the face and only keep the skin. Maybve that helps. Thats what id Do


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        Re: creating this strong effect on editorial pics

        thank so much Marnus Meyer that helps alot. Really apreciate it

        Ive got photoshop cs3 and ive been using it nearly for 5 years now. I mostly make graphics for web design and resource site.
        I've only just started doing retouches right now and it feels complete new to me. Right now im learning the dodge and burn technique .
        Also does anybody know how to cut out an image with a detailed background using masking .
        So far i know how to cut out an with a white or solid background using the masking tool.

        Thanks Guys


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          Re: creating this strong effect on editorial pics

          Russell Brown (Adobe guru) offers excellent free video tutorials on most skills needed in Photoshop, and he keeps the ones from earlier versions of Photoshop on his website.

          Look at his Advanced Masking video close to the bottom of the page, and then at his monster series of masking for starters. There are also many threads here with info about masking - just search.