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How to archieve this skin tone color?

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  • How to archieve this skin tone color?

    Does anyone knows how to archieve this fashion skin tone color look in Photoshop?
    I mean the right method to do it.

    I have tried using curves but didn't get the right way like this photo example.

    I'm appreciated anyone could share method or tutorials (steps)
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    Re: How to archieve this skin tone color?

    Move the Hue slider a bit or play a bit with the blue channel.


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      Re: How to archieve this skin tone color?

      I tried the hue slider and the blue channel and it doesn't seem to work for me, any one else know how to achieve the skin tone in the example picture please.


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        Re: How to archieve this skin tone color?

        You need the right picture for that skin tone.
        Thats the reason why it doesent work.
        Show us the picture what you have.
        Is it like the one you postet here?

        lg Calvin


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          Re: How to archieve this skin tone color?

          Of course the hue slider works as you'll be able to bring that pic back to "normal" tone by shifting the hue by one or two units.

          And btw you don't need Photoshop for that kind of "fashion effect" (lol), any semi-decent freeware image viewer will do...


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            Re: How to archieve this skin tone color?

            Add a Hue/Saturation adj. layer and shift the hue 10 points to the left, that should bring the skin tones back to original.
            Do the opposite (shift 10 points to the right) to achieve the effect in your own photos (if they are similar enough).

            Guess, that's what secretagents meant :-).


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              Re: How to archieve this skin tone color?

              Yes, if I wasn't clear enough.


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