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How to Create Patent Leather / Shiny look

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  • How to Create Patent Leather / Shiny look


    Right now I'm working on an image of a purse and the photographer would like me to make some of the regular leather features look like patent leather. After blurring the leather a bit to achieve a smoother surface, I've tried some dodging/burning but it's not looking very realistic.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Example of what I'm working with
    Example of what my end goal is
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    Re: How to Create Patent Leather / Shiny look

    There are a number of filters in PS that you can use. The 1st one that came to mind was Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap. PLEASE NOTE, I spent 5 seconds with the quick select tool - so I did not do a neat selection, and I spent 3 seconds to run the filter. You could make a clean selection, play with the opacity to fine tune the effect. In the 2nd attachment I ran the filter on the trim as well.
    Regards, Murray
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