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Color matching, coordinating, picking, etc.

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  • Color matching, coordinating, picking, etc.

    I think this is the right place. If now please move.
    I have this link I want to share for color matching, coordinating, picking, etc...
    It's actually a real paint site, but I find it very useful, especially the color calculator.
    Hope it reaches all who could use it.

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    I caught this on the other thread about decorating - tsk tsk Debbie, keeping all the great info to yourself Great link, I have always used random sites for this kind of info before, even Pantone's site isnt nearly as useful


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      I stand humbled before all!!!
      You know how you forget the importance of something that, to you, is so common? That's what happened here. Only when I read Paulettes post did I realize what a good link I had and then when I saw the responses...Well I am flogging myself as we speak. I hope everyone gets good use out of it. Thanks Mike.


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        What does it mean?

        Okay guys, I need help! I did that little monitor calibration test on the site mentioned above, and in the final step the screen showed two rows of colors, the top one for "calibrated" colors and the bottom one for "standard RGB" colors. The top row was darker than the bottom row.

        Okay, but what does any of this MEAN TO ME? What am I supposed to make of this "result"...what do I do now?

        Anyone who knows, please clue me in. Thanks.



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          Sorry to take so long replying Phyllis. I use the link mostly for finding color matches or coordinates. For example, if I need peach, I go to the search a tint button. Then I type in peach and pick from the "select a color collection" box. Usually I pick the very last one True Value. I find that has the most collections. Then I have a variety of peach tones to work with.
          My visual ability with color is really bad so this give me a benchmark to start from.
          I usually copy the rgb code listed with the color I choose and paste it into the Pshop color picker.
          As for calibrating, I did that and didn't find much of a difference from my PS calibration so I don't really use it much.
          My colors still aren't perfect, but they're a lot better than my naked eye choices!!
          I've used this to create some swatch choices for myself in PS so I can streamline my uses.
          Hope this helps Phyllis. Let me know if there's anything else you need.


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