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  • Photoshop question

    Hi, I just noticed this trough an action I downloaded. How can you make the adjustment-layer only affect only one other layer like here?

    When I add new adjustment-layers they're only stacked in line with the other layers...

    Feels like I missed something very elementary here :-?
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    Re: Photoshop question

    Hi St James,

    That is called CLIPPING a Layer to another Layer. When its Clipped...the top layer ONLY affects the layer just below it... and NOT the whole stack below... which is a layers usual behavior.

    To get that clipping layer I usually use a shortcut...I hold the alt (pc) or option (mac) key down and move my cursor so it touches both layers as they meet and intersect in the layers pallet. When you cross that point... you get a small double circle kind of indicator...just click...and the top layer will then be clipped to the layer below...and you will then see that special down arrow shown... with the thumbnail moved to the right... indicating its clipped. Do the above again to remove it.

    I often want my new layer to affect ONLY JUST the layer below it instead of the WHOLE STACK below...its a real creative and useful feature...use it all the time.


    PS - try to make your title descriptive - it helps us become aware of what you need help with quickly - without having to open and read your body copy first. I couldnt tell what you needed help with by just reading your subject line. No biggie however.


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      Re: Photoshop question

      "Hold the Option/Alt key and move it between the Adjustment layer and the one beneath it. When you get the link icon, click to link the layers."

      Here more about layers


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        Re: Photoshop question

        depending which version of photoshop you are using you can also click on the clipping mask icon at the bottom of the adjustments panel to enable or disable the mask for that adjustment layer
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          Re: Photoshop question

          Thanks for the help everyone! I use cs3, so It was kind of a hidden gem for me. Cheers!


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            Re: Photoshop question

            And now for the best keystroke in photoshop:

            (on a mac) alt+command+G, clips it to the layer below. (guessing control+alt+G on a pc)
            which is easier to use (I find) than clicking on layers.


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              Re: Photoshop question

              Thanks Soulglo!


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