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Fabric and product retouching

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  • Fabric and product retouching

    Hi all!
    So... i know one or two things about retouching people, nature, etc... but when it comes to fabric i am not sure i know how to evaluate the photo properly before i start working on it.
    Here are some questions that i am asking:

    1. What are the things you should keep in mind when retouching interior or fabric shot? sharpness, contrasty images, saturated colors... what else?

    2. how to match the color so they would look even all over the product? (please see example file attached. Towels, plates... etc.)

    3. how to make the texture (of the towels for instance) similar and even?
    do i really have to go by hand with the stamp tool?!? might take me forever and a half... any shortcuts that you know about?

    If you got overall tips of how to do it fast and good and how to achieve this look these 2 photos has i would be very glad to know about this!

    Thanks a lot, looking forward to read your comments.
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    Re: Fabric and product retouching

    I don't think I'm understanding your question. These are straightforward studio still life photographs. Why would the colours not match assuming that they are lit and colour balanced correctly? I don't really see the need for a great deal of retouching apart from the usual sharpening and contrast adjustment.


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      Re: Fabric and product retouching

      Sharpening, a little, but be very careful of moire. Color matching: select the colored bits separately and match them separately. Texture: Get one piece looking good then clone that all over the place, or grab the texture (search the forum for frequency separation) and replace it in other sections. Also certain bits will need separate sharpening.

      It's alot of work.


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        Re: Fabric and product retouching

        Originally posted by DJSoulglo View Post
        Color matching: select the colored bits separately and match them separately.
        Thanks for your reply DJsoulglo... how do i color match? you mean sample the color with the eye dropper?


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          Re: Fabric and product retouching

          Look at the product in the right light (d50 light) and match the color you see on your calibrated monitor. Then check that color on the proof. welcome to the wonderful world of product retouching. Also, KEEP LOOKING AT THE PRODUCT.


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            Re: Fabric and product retouching

            Oh i got it, you mean color matching between the physical product with the file in PS.
            I also understand when you say to keep looking at the product... gotta let the eyes get used to the actual color of the product.
            Thanks for the tips glo.
            Anything else you think i should know? please feel free, im all ears.


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