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  • Are these Photos?

    I have been commissioned to restore these 'photos'. The client says they are photographs (of course the client is always right LOL) but to me they look like drawings...or else some photographic technique I haven't seen before.

    They are very old, at least 70 years, maybe older as they are pictures of the clients great grandparents. They are on a thick paper that I had to handle very carefully when I photographed them.

    I have done my share of old photos, but have never seen anything like these. Was wondering if any one might be able to shed some light on how these were originally done.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Are these Photos?

    They look like both to me.
    I think there was a practice of enhancing the photo by adding more detail to it using inks .


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      Re: Are these Photos?

      Those portraits are chalk drawings that were done by itinerant artists who traveled from farm to farm or wherever they could pick up the work. That was relatively common in those days (around 100 years ago.) I have a couple of very similar portraits of my great-grandparents. Technique-wise they look exactly the same as the portraits you're working on. They are not photographs.


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        Re: Are these Photos?

        Thanks for the information stereokatt. I will pass it on to the client.


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