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Any info/dates regarding Grygarness's DVD set

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  • Any info/dates regarding Grygarness's DVD set

    Was wondering if anyone know anything about the upcoming dvd set. I have her retouch book and if the dvd of the same quality, I will be real pleased.

    links, dates, content, any info will be helpful. Thanks.

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    Re: Any info/dates regarding Grygarness's DVD set

    I think this is what you want
    regards, Murray


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      Re: Any info/dates regarding Grygarness's DVD set

      Thank you Murray so much, yes, this is the one.

      Man, 13 hrs! I hardly recovered from Godmother's 11:30 hrs DVDs, good, good, the more the better

      Her retouch ebook was awesome, I hope this DVD set covers those subjects in the book and expands on them.

      Gry, if you are around and see this, how would the DVD set compare to the retouch ebook, does it really include all the chapters in the ebook, looks like it from the table of content on the DVD description.


      (between Godmother's Argentinean accent and Gray's British one, Photoshop tools will never sound the a good and lovely way)


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        Re: Any info/dates regarding Grygarness's DVD set

        Yea... Just placed an order, this should be fantastic DVD. Customer service is great and very fast giving it is after hours England time (at the moment).

        Thank you Felix for taken care of my somehow complicated request. Thanks a bunch. now, go ship it...just kidding....ok...half way kidding


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          Re: Any info/dates regarding Grygarness's DVD set

          I noticed on the order form a place for a discount code...does anyone know of one?


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