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Fashion Black and white: how to do?

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  • Fashion Black and white: how to do?


    i've been looking at a lot of black and white fashion photos lately, and have realised a lot of the work ive seen lately has a slight color tone to it, and not just a traditional black and white image.

    Ive been trying to achieve a similar look to the image above, can any one give any tips, advice on how to achieve it. thanks

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    Re: Fashion Black and white: how to do?

    Dylan, yes there is some color (not counting the color noise introduced by that scanner) and there are many ways to achieve it in Photoshop. One way (as shown below) would be to make a B&W version of the image, overlay it with a solid color layer whose blend mode has been set to Color and back off the opacity, in this case 15%.
    Another way would be to add a Hue/Sat adj layer and turn on the Colorize button and adjust the sliders then back off the opacity.
    You could use a channel mixer adj layer, or a number of other ways.
    Regards, Murray
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      Re: Fashion Black and white: how to do?

      Try a warming filter layer and reduce opacity, or sepia.

      As above add a new layer, fill with a nice warm orangey colour and reduce the opacity, have a play with the blend modes after this, exclusion might work..


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        Re: Fashion Black and white: how to do?

        There really are many ways, as mentioned. Another cool one is to use 'Tint' in a 'Black and White' adjustment layer... and while your there, play with the sliders/presets to get interesting BW conversions.

        -Shift Studio.


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