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  • Lighting?

    What kind of lighting setup is this? How dou you get the pictures so lowkey with flashes?

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    Re: Lighting?

    Camera and flahes can be set to admit any amount of light the photographer desires.

    What is difficult to understand about achieving 'low key' (and by this I assume you mean 'quite dark') images with lighting?

    The car setup has at least three lights in most scenes and, being inside a vehicle, the range of shadows and reflections will be complex and subtle. Lighting doesn't have to be all-or-nothing, but is frequently controlled through modifiers which diffuse, focus or restrict the light in certain ways.

    The dining room is setup with at least one large softbox high above the models. The output or exposure will have been reduced to control the highlights and a heavy green bias applied in post processing.

    If you have more specific questions then I'll be happy to help answer them.

    If you're interested in lighting yourself and want to learn how to do so, first check out (if you haven't done so already) and read their "Lighting 101" which will provide much of the information you require to reverse-engineer photographs yourself.




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      Re: Lighting?

      im quite familiar with using studio equipment. i just wonder if they use alot of flags..if they use few light sources and bounce back some light with a reflector or what? i use a beautydish with grid sometimes, but i still think it gets a little "hard". im lookin to achieve this little darkish feel to it. maby som other softboxes?


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        Re: Lighting?

        Although both links are significantly different, I think one commonality is that they've been underexposed (matter of opinion of course, but big left-heavy histogram in any case) and had their black points brought back up in the blue and green channels. Perhaps that's more the cinematic explanation than the lighting in this case?


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          Re: Lighting?

          yeah, maby? also achieved but using more cyan in shadows. maby even a tiny bit in the highlights. but still...its the lighting that fascinates me hehe, help out please!


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            Re: Lighting?

            also the lighting from gregory crewdson

            yes i know he has a whole filmcrew with him on set, but im just interested in the idea how its lit, stitched together etc.


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              Re: Lighting?

              I'm always admited Miles Adridge's photography, dramatic lighting to get the mood. On each of his photo is perfect lighting, perfect skin tone.

              Still don't understand how he did the porcelaine skin tone.


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