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color balance to a specific color,can i do it?

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  • secretagents
    Re: color balance to a specific color,can i do it?

    Probably using adequate luminance masking but I'd rather stick with the color balance tool if I was you since there is no point to emulate something simple with something much more complicated.

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  • Boneappetit
    Re: color balance to a specific color,can i do it?

    Hi Mantra: I don't much about "emulate" some color effect with color balance, but there's a tool in Ps (Match Color) not frequently used by many, that in some cases can do a fair job. It is not as good as using adjustment layers, but it is an alternate method for this purpose. Take a look here:

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  • mantra
    started a topic color balance to a specific color,can i do it?

    color balance to a specific color,can i do it?


    i have a question about color balance

    i can emulate the color balance , and balance to a specific color

    i thought about a solid color but i can't get the same effect

    in color balance there are 3 sliders , and shadow ,midtones, and hightlight

    i would use a specific color and emulate the same effect of color balance

    can i do it?


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    Please don't call it color grading
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