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  • Freelance VS Fulltime

    does freelance generally pay more than fulltime?
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    Re: Freelance VS Fulltime

    As an older individual, with a broad life experience, let me offer you the one piece of advice that I wish I had followed. Do what your HEART tells you to do. If you ignore your heart, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

    Don't use career advice, financial considerations, stability, social acceptance, status, or any other outside influence to make a logical decision. It's okay to be aware of these factors and how they might affect you, but your heart will balance the pros and cons automatically and point you in the right direction.



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      Re: Freelance VS Fulltime

      If you condition yourself to a freelance work, you will never want to do a full time job. If you do a full time job you will only get some freelance gigs.


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        Re: Freelance VS Fulltime

        Originally posted by jbb View Post
        does freelance generally pay more than fulltime?
        Yes, if "fulltime" means working for someone else.
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          Re: Freelance VS Fulltime

          Todd has valid advice for sure, but you still have to eat ;-). The ideal situation as he says is to do what you love while at the same time being successful enough not to sleep on a dirty mattress in the basement at some relative's house. Especially if you have a family!

          In my own life I have always worked full-time (thankfully mostly in jobs I enjoyed such as journalism and education) while doing freelance photography on the side. That way, your main financial needs are met while your side work is gravy and a creative outlet.

          And it depends on what kind of person you are. To freelance/run a business full-time you need to be motivated first and foremost, and business-savvy as well. The business side is ugly, oppressive and not fun (IMO). It's easier to let an employer deal with that while you only worry about cashing a check.

          BUT, the feeling you get being your own person, freed from a desk or factory and flitting about town doing and delivering assignments and such makes you feel like those guys from Easy Rider!

          So to answer your question specifically, "It depends". On you, the type of job you have or service you offer, the area you live in, the local competition, the economy, etc.


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            Re: Freelance VS Fulltime

            Originally posted by SilvaFox View Post
            Yes, if "fulltime" means working for someone else.
            What about working WITH someone else?


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