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  • Aleksandras Babičius

    Hello everyone,

    I'm reasonably new to this forum and have enjoyed many weeks of reading threads old and new on the retouch forum. This site is a goldmine that's really opened up photoshop for me!

    I'm a photographer (suprise suprise!) and aspire to be able to produce images with this Aleksandras Babičius look to them. The post production appears to be minimal but I struggle to obtain the same vibrant, fresh look with that perfect WB and fill light that he does, even in dimly lit churches. Other than exposing it correctly, using expensive primes wide open and nailing the focus, what else gets images with this look?

    Here's his wedding photography.
    Here's some other work in his portfolio.

    Any help appreciated, after much faffing in ACR and PS I'm not making much progress.


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    Re: Aleksandras Babičius

    I'm the same, always wonder how this clean fresh look is achieved.

    What I will say to start with is he has good light. The PS work does look minimal, always starting with a well light image with soft light..