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Any one have beauty images for retouching?

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  • Any one have beauty images for retouching?

    Hi guys,
    Recently just started working in London has a retoucher and was looking around to see if anyone has beauty images which I could retouch for free for practice and for fun.
    If any one could that would be great.



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    Re: Any one have beauty images for retouching?

    Hi Dale,

    Im a I create and retouch my own images... which is a great place to be in.

    One of the best places ive found for great, extra high resolution, practice retouch images... is on the Model Mayhem Retouch Forum.

    They have a special forum section just for this purpose... and you can sometimes get original raw images from photographers who own the copyrights to the images...and even some 39mb ultra hi res images. There are currently a couple hundred such images to download and play with...and they are all beautiful models, fashion images, and glamour images. Gorgeous stuff.

    You may need to coordinate with the original poster in some way if you want to publically post your practice images on your own website... or if you use them to promote least ask them for permission...or they may have specific usage guidelines they want followed. It is usually the original photographers that post their own images for practice... and they own the legal copyrights to them. You can usually easily negotiate something if you want to use them for promotion of your own skills. Every post is read the preferred copyright info on each thread. If you are going to keep your practice retouches private and just for practice... most posters dont seem to mind if you use them. If you do want to use their own copyrighted images as examples of your own retouching work... most of them will let you do that... if you personal message them... and perhaps list them and the model as a credit line.

    These images are all extra high quality and are free to use...especially if you are nice... and ask copyright permissions where required. Dont be afraid to ask...most are very open and friendly. Later could even join Model Mayhem as a "retoucher status" and and set up a portfolio area to show people your retouching skills...and sometimes... you can even sell your skills on the site if you play the game right.

    This place is a practice retouchers goldmine!

    Here is a link to the area.



    Heres my photographer and retouchers link at this site if you want to see my NYC photography and retouching portfolio.
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