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How do i even out colour (hue) in skin?

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  • How do i even out colour (hue) in skin?

    Hello, i always get variable hues in my skin tones, some parts more magenta, others more yellow etc. Can anyone help me to even them out?
    I guess there's a quick way and a correct way - like most things. Any help would be appreciated. I think it may be a hue/sat adjustment layer, but i don't know how it works.

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    Re: How do i even out colour (hue) in skin?

    I am sure many here could offer help and advice, but you really need to post an example or two showing the issues you are having problems with.


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      Re: How do i even out colour (hue) in skin?

      Dave, there are many ways to address what is a very common problem. These include tightly targeted Hue/Sat adj layers, Selective Color Adj layers, and a number of others inside PS. However, a method I find very effective is to open the image in Adobe Camera RAW and use the HSL tab.
      Regards, Murray


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        Re: How do i even out colour (hue) in skin?

        thanks for the replies, what is a selective colour adjustment layer? sounds interesting.


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          Re: How do i even out colour (hue) in skin?

          It's an adjustment layer where you can increase/decrease "shades" of blue,magenta,yellows ect...etc... in different colour zones of the image...For example if you select a portion of skin with a yellow cast in it. Assuming that you know what kind of colours your skin is made of... you can for example decrease the amount of yellows in the magentas, or yellows. If it appears that you have a magenta cast in the shadows, you can decrease the amount of magentas in the blacks or neutrals or whatever. It works pretty like the Hue/saturation Adj.layer but you have to click on the "master" drop-down menu in order to choose the colours to start from.

          It's the last one from the adjustment layer menu in the layers palette.
          I don't know if I made myself clear


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