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Rihanna's Color Treatment!


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  • Rihanna's Color Treatment!

    I was curious as to how everyone applies color treatments to their images, especially one that's a creamy pastel pink/purple and one that's a darker golden green/brown.

    Maybe something like one of these shots of Rihanna.

    I'm sure the options are endless but wanted to see if anyone had some interesting methods.

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    Re: Rihanna's Color Treatment!

    try experimenting these combinations:

    Curve, Color Balance, Hue Saturation and also try adding a layer color filled with whatever you like then put it to overlay.

    Another is to fill in a new layer with a solid color and put your image at the top of this layer then change the blend mode to Luminosity.

    For blur you can do quick mask and Lens blur or lens blur and masking.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: Rihanna's Color Treatment!

      I found a photo without the color process, and tried to play with it in Ps to try to achieve the same effect.
      Less contrast, curves and color balance.
      The original photo was very yellow
      The effect is the same.
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        Re: Rihanna's Color Treatment!

        color layers on low-opacity 'screen' blending mode, and softlight...

        the first image is very indicative of selective color, dropping the blacks in the blacks and upping the blues / cyans. The reds of her hair were probably kicked up using selective color.


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          Re: Rihanna's Color Treatment!

          Create a new layer filled with very dark blue set to Exclusion.