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  • photo retouching

    Is there anyone out there who would want me to explain how I made the transition from the first link to the second link

    The original picture was taken in very poor light with a high ISO of 1600 on a digital camera with a load of noise. My wife was also VERY tired.

    Original :

    New :

    The new image also contains a picy in the top right hand corner of my daughter ( who was also taken out of a rather dull picture and provide a mat and background for her.

    Let me know if anyone likes it and would like me to make a tutorial of it.

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    nice job

    A bit on the large size for good viewing but you have done a nice job.
    The little baby one to me would be better if all the background top color, to much of a change with light bottom, you could do perspective on the bottom half of the top to make more realistic, just an idea.
    I am sure everyone would appreciate a tutorial.


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      Hi Peterdove,
      Welcome to Retouch Pro. I like what you did with your wifes pic. I like the lighting of it. She reminds me of Susan Sarandon. You daughter is adoreable. Hey we can always use good tutorials here. If you wouldn't mind taking the time I think it would be great. Thanks for sharing your work with us.