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  • save pixelated photo

    I recently made a photo book and one of the photos printed pixellated.

    Apparently the photobook required a min of 1600x1200 pixels and this photo taken with a point and shoot was 1151x768

    I'd like to try and rescue the photo. Here is my plan:
    1 first i'll multiply

    2 resize in photoshop to correct res Settings will be constrained and buc

    This resulted in a heavily pixellated photo.
    Neat Image would not handle it.

    I've tried sharpen .

    Any other suggestions ?????

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    Re: save pixelated photo

    It would be best if you could upload the photo for us to look at.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: save pixelated photo

      I will ask the folks in the photo if it would be ok to post the photo.


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        Re: save pixelated photo

        You could test BenVista PhotoZoom.
        There is a trial that is free, but will leave a watermark.
        There are several versions - pro and basic...


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          Re: save pixelated photo

          BV sounds very promising but is much too expensive to use on one photo.
          Thanks for the suggestion.


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            Re: save pixelated photo

            try resizing in photoshop if you have it.
            Go to image sizing (in the image menu at the top left)and in the size part change it to percentage.then upsize by 110% (in both boxes).At the bottom choose the option for enlarging.
            Press okay then go back and do it again.
            You might need to do it a few times but only try 110% each time.


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              Re: save pixelated photo

              I use ps vs 7

              My resize box has the option to use percents

              I also can choose constrain and resample

              Should I constrain and/or resample (bicubic or nearest neighbor)

              Do you think this will eliminate the pixellation? Eventually I tried 110% a few times and so far have not seen improvement.



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                Re: save pixelated photo

                novice myself these other guyrs are so much better...

                anyway... i use two meathods... and they both giving me good results in the past..

                1. now there referring to the 10% rule, enlarging the size increments by 10% and that should work, and may need to do it several times.. .... now i don't use bicubic but i'll use either bicubic sharper or bicubic smoother .... and that generally give me good results...
                note: i don't know if ps7 has those 2 choices..

                2. now another meathod I use especially if the ppi is only about 72-100 ...
                a. uncheck resample
                b. change resolution to 300 ppi
                c. recheck resample
                d. and set resample for bicubic smooth or sharper
                e. then put in the new deminsions values you want...

                hopefully it helps...


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                  Re: save pixelated photo

                  You need to Resample and Constrain when enlarging (or reducing) and image. That's a given. If you had any Styles (like drop shadows or outer glows, etc) set, then you would want that checked also to scale up proportionately with the image. Doesn't sound like an issue though. Your original doesn't sound too particularly small though - unless they are not true pixel resolution and the camera had already done some interpolation??? In any event, I would stick with the 110"% and Bicubic Smoother steps until you reached the size that you wanted. A shortcut would be to turn on Actions - Record the Scale percentage of 110 and Bicubic Smoother, and do it a second time. Set it to a Function Key (F1) and Stop Recording. Now you can just keep hitting F1 until you reach your desired size. Good luck.


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                    Re: save pixelated photo

                    Method 2 appears to work. Thank you very much.

                    I'm still not clear if I should check the constrain proportions box.

                    My resample choices are nearest neighbor, bilinear, and bicubic so I chose bicubic.

                    I did not check the constrain prop. box.

                    Thanks again.


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                      Re: save pixelated photo

                      If you manually type in the dimensions you want, then Constrain is irrelevant. If you use Constrain, you would only have to type in one dimension - and the other would proportionately fill in its own value. Typing in your own is fine if you are sure you are typing in the correct values - otherwise you could be disproportionately scaling your image.


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                        Re: save pixelated photo

                        Thanks so much for the tuts.
                        Making an action made it easy to do the 110% method.

                        Changing res to 300 and then entering one dimension worked also.

                        I can't see difference between the results of these methods.

                        I'm happy with the results.


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                          Re: save pixelated photo

                          use the csi software and just say enhance three times... should work fine.

                          or... i would enlarge the photo in photoshop and carefully push edges back and forth with the smudge tool where needed. for heavily pixelated images.


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                            Re: save pixelated photo

                            hi xippix Thanks for this suggestion. I thought is was for another thread I started - problems with a lot of crackling on photos.

                            What is csi? Is it a version of PS or a plugin or software?

                            It sounds like a tool I would like to have in my photo correcting arsenal.

                            I have PS7 and will not be upgrading it. I am thinking about getting PS Elements to put on my mac laptop.

                            THe 110% method (using an action) produced a less pixellated photo at the right res.

                            Just love this site. So many folks give wonderful help.


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                              Re: save pixelated photo

                              Hmm... Well, click here for a trailer on the enhance software...
                              Sorry, I thought that was a pretty universal joke by now.


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