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converting files from psd to psb

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  • converting files from psd to psb

    A psd file I am working on has gotten too big to save as a psd. If I convert it to psb format will there be any degradation of the image? I did the conversion and there was none that I could tell, but I would like to hear from more knowledgable users than myself. I would save to the more common tif format which I think allows larger file size than psds, but that format is not working properly for some reason with the client's ftp; any tiff files that are up or down-loaded from the client's ftp won't open.

    Just for my information, I would also like to know if there is any degradation of a file when changing it from a psd to tif or vice versa?


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    Re: converting files from psd to psb

    PSB is lossless file format for files larger then 2gb. The only issue that you might have is if you need to save something higher then 32 bit, and a version of photoshop CS or higher is needed to open the file.


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      Re: converting files from psd to psb

      And there is no degradation when you save as a tiff as long as you save as uncompressed tiff or lossless compression. Remember to make sure the save layers but is checked.
      Regards, Murray


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        Re: converting files from psd to psb

        Thanks Murray and Ratpat.


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