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What's in your retouching toolbox?

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    Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

    I may be a tad late to this party, but currently I use PSE 8 on a Windows platform. My statis is Hobbist, (but will take a buck or two, if someone wants to pay me). I may try out Paint Shop Pro, if the money situation improves.


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      Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

      photoshop cs 5 64 bit,i use tablet wacom tooo

      fulll time retoucher


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        Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

        I have been full Time retoucher since photoshop 4, started with 2.5
        Today i branched back to photography.

        Really never used much plugins, as i always ditched them after trying them. It is only recently that i begun to use Nik color efex pro to some extent in the workflow. At some time i used some noise removal plugins, but not anymore, it was in the film scanning days.
        Actions for conversion resize and sharpening.
        PS CS5, Capture OnePro and Aperture for RAW, Mac computers, wacom tablets.


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          Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

          Hi folks. Found this site and joined yesterday (or was it today?).

          I'm a photographer, not a retoucher per se. While I have sent out work to be retouched, I have primarily done the bulk of my editing/fixing/retouching. I work on the Mac platform in 64-bit and my tools have been:
          -Photoshop CS5
          -Lightroom 4
          -Adobe Camera Raw
          -NIK software complete collection
          -Wacom Intuos 4 tablet (am still getting comfortable with it)

          I have used some Lightroom pre-sets but no Photoshop actions or plug-ins.



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            Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

            I'm powered by:
            Adobe CS6
            Adobe Camera Raw
            Adobe Bridge
            Adobe PhotoshopLightroom 4
            Wacom Intuos 5

            I mostly do Beauty/Portrait/Editorial/Fashion retouches as well as photo manipulations.

            You can enjoy moving mouse over to see my before afters (warning: some samples are on extreme side


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              Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

              My Toolbox

              CaptureOne Pro
              Adobe Photoshop
              Adobe Bridge
              Adobe Lightroom
              Nik Sharpener Pro
              Magic Bullet Photo Looks

              Intuos 5 M


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                Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                I use photoshop cs6 extended and efex colours 4.0
                Bamboo tablet ...


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                  Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                  I use Photoshop CS5 and the retouch actions from Lustrous Presets (cost 89$, so probably only for professionals). Of course, I also use Lightroom. But before doing any retouching at all, you always need hight-quality photos to begin with. That's my job


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                    Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                    Adobe CS5 and CS6 suites for most work with RGB, CMYK, LAB and RAW, which includes everything from restoration to fashion images.

                    Perfect Photo Suite 7 for masking, resizing and occasional effects

                    Two third party actions I find very useful when in a hurry:
                    1. PJ Sharpen Image by Patrick Lynch which includes separate actions for Detail Enhance, Dampen Highlights, Enhance Shadows, Remove Color Noise, Enhance Saturation, Sharpen Image, and Sharpen Edges.

                    2. Freaky Details by Matt Norris. Usually used with a blend mode at reduced opacity and sometimes an altered mask.

                    Other actions created by myself or other staff.

                    I also use for personal work Postworkshop and Filter Forge for special effects, and for creating textures when needed.


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                      Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                      Ft commercial and editorial retoucher.

                      C1 pro 7 but I process with almost zero adjustments due to the client always changing there mind.

                      Photoshop cc for everything

                      In house software for proofing and output.

                      Intous 4 or 5 depending on my station and a maxed out Mac Pro.

                      Enzo cg almost exclusively but at home I bought a asus pro art that I am more than happy with......and so is my budget

                      Also I guess I should throw in a server or raid if on set.


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                        Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                        I'm a part-time pro photographer who does his own retouching....

                        Photoshop CS6 (no plans for CS7 aka Creative non-Cloud)
                        DxO Optics Pro 8
                        Lightroom 4 (moving to 5 soon)
                        Nik plugins (ColorEfex Pro, Sharpener Pro, SilverEfex Pro)
                        OnOne Perfect Effects (sometimes)
                        Sometimes other Nik or OnOne plugins
                        My own actions

                        And yes, I use Imagenomic Portraiture although I have to mask it out and mix it with other techniques to get the effect I want.

                        In my defense to the purists here I sometimes have to do 100 graduation portraits at a time for a major art institute, and with a very busy non-photography day job I have no time for doing pore-level retouching, dodge/burn, etc. on all of them.


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                          Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                          I use Photoshop cc 2014 mainly, but also Adobe Bridge is good for automated tasks.

                          I also use Perfect Photo Suite 8 as a plugin with the masking part of that being the most useful to me.

                          Photomatix pro 5 for HDR work, but used with care as it can give un-natural results.

                          Capture One Pro Version 7 (but on the verge of updating to 8), which makes a fantastic job of RAW file processing.

                          I may get stitching software in the future. Photoshop does a reasonable job, but is a bit slow.

                          Of yes, mustn't forget my Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet. I prefer working on a small one which is against the norm I think.


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                            Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                            I'm still fan of Photoshop CS6, because you can make your own custom panel (using Adobe Configurator 4) with all the tools and actions/sctripts.

                            I have a lot of my own actions. Since I learned to code javascript for photoshop, also use scripts a lot. Some of my scripts are available on

                            But the most powerful tool I have is brain...


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                              Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                              I'm still way back on PSE 9, and find it does most of what I need to do, but at the same time I realize it's time to move ahead. I'm not a professional photographer but a volunteer at a museum. I'm mainly concerned with preserving old photographs, mostly negatives, mostly on nitrate (we got a freezer recently), making the best digital copies of them I can. There are some really good ones among them that deserve careful retouching, so I end up spending some of my time on those.

                              Adobe has, in my opinion, brought out such a bewildering array of products that it's difficult to make the best cost-efficient choice for anyone's specific needs. They seem to be trying to flood the marketplace with a confusing variety of options, like toothpaste on your drugstore shelf. So I've decided to step back and look at alternatives, and have found this website helpful in doing so: Come to think of it, that link might not be allowed here, so just try a Google search on "photoshop alternatives" and select what will probably be the top hit, "The 10 best alternatives to Photoshop."

                              I'm a Mac user, so options 1 (Gimp), 5 (Aperture), 6 (Acorn), 7 (Sketch), and 10 (Pixelmator) all seem especially attractive at first blush. I would be interested in anyone's opinions of any of these as alternatives to Adobe products.


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                                Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

                                @ Lelander - sorry to come off like a jerk... your long-winded 'Location' description gives no help in figuring out your location - you don't even say what country you live in.

                                --shift stuio


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