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What's in your retouching toolbox?

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    Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

    Anyone has ever tried this (Tutorial by Nino Batista on Skin Retouching):

    What do you think?


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      Re: What's in your retouching toolbox?

      I'm a photographer who does his own post-processing.

      I use PhotoMechanic to get images from card, organized, renamed, etc and then use it to select images and launch C1 or PS.

      Capture One for most RAW conversion. Silky Pix or Fuji proprietary or Camera RAW for images C1 doesn't support.

      Photoshop CC (usually a few updates behind) for editing. I use actions for various tasks.

      I used to use NIK, but haven't for the last few years, since I can now do the tasks in PS. I have a few plugins for luminosity masks and such but don't use them much. I just got retouching toolkit. We will see if I use it. The one plugin I still use on occasion is PPW.

      In general, I have learned from plug ins, more than I would have expected, but I find that I generally learn to do without them after my skills improve.


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        I still use LIVE PICTURE for some tasks, It does stuff PS has never been able to replicate!

        Also use an old Wacom that supported the airbrush stylus..... As an airbrush artist, it is quite familiar, I can get amazing dagger strokes from it!


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          Half a year later, using Retouching Toolkit quite a bit and preordered the next version. I have found it quite handy and because it is so easy to customize what it does, it's easy to make it do what I want. So for those things not tied to keyboard shortcuts, I use it more than expected.

          i have found 3DLUTCREATOR useful. Not for all images, but it is often a much quicker way to do some color manipulations than using the PS tools. On the color correction (what doesn't get done in C1) and color grading, I would say curves adjustment layers still do most of the heavy lifting. Selective Color, Hue/Saturation and Solid Color as needed. Only after these does 3DLC step in, but when I use it, it saves me time or makes it easier to get where I want to go.

          So it's still *mostly* PS and my actions...

          Ask me again in six months


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            Conny Wallstrom's Retouching Toolkit is a component stuffed arrangement of expert Photoshop instruments for retouches. The essential thought is twofold: redundant undertakings are being robotized, however more significantly, the toolbox sets a way for a right work process. It will increment both the quality and speed of your work as a retouches.


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              Retouching Tools for Professionals
              Photoshop CC+
              For both Mac and PC


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                I'm not a professional photographer (my brother is, I use his images), photo editing is my new hobby. I really like doing it. For the moment I use Photoshop, but TBH I find it a little complicated, so I'm in search of some other software that's easy to use and helps to get quality images.


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                  I use Photoshop CS 2019 version.


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                    Photoshop- Cc for retouching

                    Illustrator/Indesign/Acrobat mostly for color management issues

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                      Im just a hobby photo retoucher now .
                      I use CS4 as that is what I had when I did freelancing a few years back.
                      I like irfanview for quick stuff as it is so intuitive and of course free.
                      Have used a wacom tablet in the past and we do have one that would work with my laptop (my desktop machine died sadly) but I prefer the mouse.
                      Hub is a professional retoucher and uses whatever the adobe peeps have up for business use LOL
                      I only know that because his machine is sitting in our front room now due to the COVID whatsit meaning everyone is having to work from home in UK.


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                        Originally posted by ftp-Jeff View Post
                        I still use LIVE PICTURE for some tasks, It does stuff PS has never been able to replicate!

                        Also use an old Wacom that supported the airbrush stylus..... As an airbrush artist, it is quite familiar, I can get amazing dagger strokes from it!
                        I have Live Picture an an older mac that is sitting in my closet. I mentioned that app to a programmer on Reddit, but when he did a search he found NOTHING on Google. That's very odd considering it wasn't that long ago. Am I paranoid to think that Adobe has paid to have Live Picture removed from Google?


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                          Kodak bought the rights. But I heard that Capture one now hold the rights. Who knows?


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