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    Hello everyone,

    Nice to meet you all, this is my first post so please forgive me if my question is noobish but I did do a search beforehand. =)

    I am trying to achieve product touch ups like this Philips Portable Speakers. After numerous searches i've only found very few tutorials-- the best one being sleek phone ad

    Do you guys know of any good resources on photo touch up for consumer products? I want to learn how to recreate the lighting dynamics, color adjustments, and masks/layers to achieve the high contrast shine and glossiness of consumer products.

    Thanks in advance-- any help or suggestions is appreciated.

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    Re: Product Retouching

    Hi, the product retouching seems to be some kinda of "not discussed" techinque.
    When I started to retouching products I searched all over the web but no useful info about this around.

    You have to start doing that working on a product like working on a skin, it's very important to work together with an art director and understand which look it's important to achieve. You have to make the product look better and more nice than it is.
    I learnt it retouching, retouching and retouching and working and listening the art directors comments like:"remove this, remove that, meke this look better, this is ugly, this is ok...and so on.."

    The photo you linked starts with a very good quality shot, than heal and clone in the way to clean the product, brush it and make some d&b. Some times it's more quick to brush some parts of the image to obtain that shiny smoothie look.

    If u have more questions, just ask, have a nice day,
    Martin Benes


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      Re: Product Retouching

      Thanks for your reply, I was starting to think I've posted a question in the wrong forum.
      I wonder why it isn't discussed, could it be that it is too easy and common or it is an industry secret?

      Well I am just starting to learn this trade and there are no art directors in sight.

      In your last paragraph, what do you mean by D&B?


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        Re: Product Retouching

        It's dodge and burn. You have to use it in the way to "shape" the product andx make it "pop out".
        Product retouching is not simple at all.

        Have a great day,


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