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  • Best book to begin with

    Whats the best book for a beginner photographer to hone his photoshop skills with?

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    Re: Best book to begin with

    Kind of depends what area of photography you are interested in (not trying to be obtuse here). There are a few 'standards' that I could recommend anyway, but without knowing more it might be shooting in the dark a little.

    For my money, I would have a look at LAB Colour or Professional Photoshop: The Classic Guide to Color Correction (5th Edition) by Dan Margulis. Others will also have some standards, Katrin Eismann and the likes. As I say depends what you are shooting for.


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      Re: Best book to begin with

      Ok I forgot to mention that I'm more interested in lifestyle pbotography (look up chase jarvis's work or this guy ) and fashion-ish photography kinda like terry richardson (yeah a lot of people hate his style but I actually kinda like it) or this guy and him

      Anw, thanks in advance for your help


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        Re: Best book to begin with

        Photoshop classroom in a book. That's how you learn photoshop.

        Then you go to a more specific workflow book. But learn how to use the program properly first. I'm always astonished by people that know how to do about 4 tasks in Photoshop, but nothing else.


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          Re: Best book to begin with

          I believe "some of the best" resources you can find are those produced by Scott Kelby as well as those from

          Infact, instead of a book, you might want to consider as a tutorial videos or DVDs as it eventually demonstrate well as compare to still texts for you to just read through.

          To me the 7 point system and the photoshop for photographers series are really helpful for what I want to know


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            Re: Best book to begin with

            Start with Classroom in a Book. That gets you all over the program so you at least can feel comfortable and confident with navigating and what and were the tools are. Then - The Absolute best 2 part series - Google Katrin Eismann's books. I used them to learn CS3 from ZERO PS knowledge. Get her step by step 'Restoration and Retouching' and then 'Masking and Compositing'. You will gain confidence you won't believe. This is the absolute best place to start. OK just my opinion, but I'm right : )


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              Meanwhile, please any reccommendations for a good thorough book would be most appreciated.

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              hi guys,

              i was thinking of buying Katrin Eismann's book on Restoration and Retouching, would it be a good buy? or is everything on the internet already?

              need your help on this one guys, i really do want to learn more.


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