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  • calibrating MBP display

    hey hey, I've recently acquired a MBP 15inch i7 with hi res anti glare display.

    this weekend I performed a display calibration using xrite eye1 with both eye1match and coloreyes software, and to my surprise I am getting a slight magenta hue, cool temp looking display.

    tried in different ambient light situations and the problem seems to persist.

    anyone one else had this problem? is there a work around?

    I have a spider 3 calibrator I could borrow, would that make any difference?

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    Re: calibrating MBP display

    Its probably due to the white LED backlight and the Spyder to some degree. Not much you can do if the white point is severely off. While its a good idea to calibrate such laptop displays, they are far from ideal and you can’t really do quality color work on them (or just hook up a good external display). You might try ‘radically’ different white point settings but I doubt that will work if you have a magenta cast (wrong color direction). You can adjust the coolness of course. Try Native Gamma and Native White point first, then adjust to hopefully get closer to your goal (matching a print).


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      Re: calibrating MBP display

      thanks andrew, will give it a shot!


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        Re: calibrating MBP display

        I have an older MBP yet I believe present MBP displays have some of the same issues as do most other notebook/laptops displays.

        On top of what Andrew has posted, the typically vertical viewing angle on notebook displays is pretty dismal (horizontal is not good but much better than vertical). The vertical viewing angle is also different with each color channel. Subsequently, as you tilt the display you can get a color shift.

        One of the issues I had was that I would view the display at a different angle than the angle used by the spectrophotometer (straight on).

        On my display, when I view it tilted back further than straight on, I get a magenta/red shift. As Andrew indicated, these displays are far from ideal for critical work. Not sure this is related to your issue. Note: when I view the display from straight on, I do get a good color match after is however very inconvenient to try and view the display straight on in the middle to avoid the color shift. In addition, the color gamut is typically much more limited that a reasonable LCD display. Other that basic compositional editing, any other work I do on a better display.

        ADDED NOTE: Don't forget to turn off the "Automatically Adjust Brightness as Ambient Light Changes" checkbox in System Preferences > Displays The profiling work will most likely become invalid as the MPB changes the back-light illumination.
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