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Colour and achieving certain looks

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  • Colour and achieving certain looks

    I've been spending some time trying to recreate certain look, the best examples of what I'm talking about are on this photographer's site... his colour treatments are beautiful, some emulate film, some give a beautiful muted brown skin tone and I really need to brush up on colour techniques for my own work... does anyone know of a good link for such a tutorial on colour at all? I've googled plenty but there are no actual professional looking results.

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    Re: Colour and achieving certain looks

    That's a really nice website. I really like the layout and functionality. The work is excellent.

    I'm not a photographer, so I can't be sure, but my guess is that the use of filters on the actual camera during the shoot could be part of how they are getting some of these looks. Of course I'm sure there is post-work too. It is possible to replicate these effects, but a lot of the great feel you get from the techniques of the initial photography.

    If you want to try to replicate this entirely in post-production, you can learn a lot by downloading actions for photoshop or presets for lightroom that give the look you want and then exploring these to see how it is done.


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      Re: Colour and achieving certain looks

      I initially thought it was film processed but after seeing him shoot realised it's not but yes I think their maybe a polarising filter involved, the rest is just post work I believe.


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        Re: Colour and achieving certain looks

        I don't know... again, I am not a photographer and have not used these filters myself... but a few of the series looked as if they may be using a color polarizer? One can replicate it, but I just had a hunch it might be coming out of the camera this way.
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          Re: Colour and achieving certain looks

          Of course, like I said, I don't really know much about this stuff, so it was probably an unfounded guess. I'm sure you can do it all post.


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            Re: Colour and achieving certain looks

            Thinking about it more, I'm sure that you would not want to shoot with a warming or sepia filter these days anyway, given the digital tools, because it might limit your creative options later...


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