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WCIF unretouched photos :)?

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  • WCIF unretouched photos :)?

    Hello everyone! I guess I'm new on this forum, well not to this retouching world.

    I'm Chantal and I had a question, I hope you have the answer. I'm looking for unretouched photos, I don't mind make-up but I'd loved to work on 'raw' material and I need unretouched photos for my exam-project. It sounds weird but I'm doing my exam project about 'Photoshop: a change in the world'. It is about whether we really need photoshop or if we can live without it. And it's also about how it's changing young girls' view about their selves.


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    Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

    wrong place to argue the benefits of photoshop, perhaps?

    just kidding!

    this was on a different thread:
    This site offer the 1st batch free (26 RAW) & the 2nd batch they want $40

    Model mayhem you can some good stuff (free) in there forums (lots of RAW & some other formats)


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      Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

      Plenty of us on here were retouching before photoshop came along so I'd say we can live without it! :-)


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        Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

        Don't confuse Photoshop with glamour retouching (which can promote unrealistic expectations.) Photoshop is just a tool and is also used for adjusting/resizing photos for printing, restoring old and damaged photos, artistic specialty type, photo cutouts/blends for advertising, creative expression, scanning, gif animations, and web art, for example. Glamour retouching was being done with airbrush long before Photoshop came around.


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          Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

          most of these photos at were taken before makeup was applied


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            Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

            Oh thanks these helped me alot♥


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              Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

     has a load of ones for beauty


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                Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

                This one can help too...


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                  Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

                  Thank y'all so much! I used 2 pictures for the front of my 'truth'-portofolio, it's a collection of unedited and edited pictures. My teachers are so happy with me. I've reached so much for my exam project !


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                    Re: WCIF unretouched photos ?

                    Thanks guys! Used some for my exam project. Credited all of the models and photographers.


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