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  • col/monitor issues

    Hi all. My monitor died so I have a loaner. The only calibration hardware I have is the old spyder 2 unit. I set the loaner to 6500k and did the calibration. To my shock, all of my files look really cold compared to how they did on my old monitor (also calibrated with the spyder 2).

    I am basically looking for opinions on the color of these images. I have endless weddings to choose from but this is one I am working on now. Because of the dramatic change here, my confidence in the color has been shaken badly. I can supply more pics but I did not want to fill up the thread on my first post. I shoot with Nikon and Canon. These samples were from the Nikon D3.

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    Re: col/monitor issues

    It might be worth noting that the sensor on the spyder 2 might become less accurate over time. I do not know much about the technology and how much of a problem it is, but I know that at work we had several i1Display 2s, and after a few years they are pretty useless. Our i1 Pro (spectrophotometer) - more expensive - lasts a lot longer.

    How long is it since you calibrated your old monitor, and was that also set to 6500K?


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      Re: col/monitor issues

      Thanks for the speedy reply.

      Every two weeks on monday am the monitor was calibrated. That was set at 6500k by default. Initially I wondered if that was the problem. I never manually set the old one to 6500k using the software with Spyder 2. Do the files look 'off' at all to you? i.e too warm or cold. As I said I have masses of images, both wedding and studio to choose from.
      Thanks again


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        Re: col/monitor issues

        I prefer the "corrected" version of the bride. But I can't tell for sure what you see, and what you intended, so it's kinda hard to tell.

        I assume you've tried to repeat the calibration?


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          Re: col/monitor issues

          I opened up your first photo in photoshop and applied color samplers to the bride's dress and there appears to be a reddish tinge. The second photo is the same image after I used a curves adjustment area and used the grey eyedropper on the same area of the brides dress. A noticeable change in color
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            Re: col/monitor issues

            Hey thanks Phil for the sample. I use the digital Grey Kard in any given environment and then adjust my white balance from there. The color change was so drastic I doubted the reliability of that also. The more files I go through it is pointing that the default 6500k on the old monitor may not be accurate. I had a print done and it is not far off of the loaner. Thanks very much for the replies.


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