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Remove/tone down flash glare on wood paneling?

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  • Remove/tone down flash glare on wood paneling?

    Hope someone can give me an idea of how to fix this. We recently photographed a wedding and the reception venue was paneled. The photos of the couple cutting the cake were taken right up against the paneling. So, of course we got a glare from the flash. I can usually fix most anything in Photoshop but this is giving me problems. I can't figure out how to tone this down without making it look funky. I've tried layers, curves, selective colors, and all the usual tools I use to remove glares and shadows. Does anyone have any ideas how to remove or at least tone this glare down.
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    Re: Remove/tone down flash glare on wood paneling?

    Painted in a sample of the wood color that doesn't have the glare with brush set on color...then a little burning and last some cloning of non glare wood over the lighter wood..... actually just the cloning will do it if you first select the area you want to fix and clone in that part.
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      Re: Remove/tone down flash glare on wood paneling?

      Quick fix. Cut out the central panels. Do a vertical flip and set the opacity to about 65%. Tweak the angle to match the existing wood panels. Use a soft airbrush erase tool to recover the 'good' background. Partial retouch attached (I don't have time to cut round the cake/face)
      IMG_4979-cutting the cake..jpg
      (oh and tweak the tone to blend)


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        Re: Remove/tone down flash glare on wood paneling?

        lindap, Welcome to RetouchPRO Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends. Poke around, ask questions, offer help, have fun!

        Clone tool set to Darken?
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          Re: Remove/tone down flash glare on wood paneling?

          After some curves adjustments I used a couple layers with removed white & work some more with the dark wood grains.
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