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How do I achieve this technique?

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  • How do I achieve this technique?

    There is 1 photographer, who always comes out on top in my area - people flock to her. I'm still green in some areas of photography, since I'm mostly self taught and a hobbyist. Now I'm looking to get serious with photography. This girl is always busy pumping out photos, so either she's really good or well I just don't know because digital editing isn't quick when you deal with hundreds of photos for every shoot.

    Here's her profile with portfolio:

    So I have some examples, if someone would be so kind as to point me in the direction I need to go to achieve her style.

    How do I achieve this lighting effect?

    How do I get this blurring effect? It's like it slowly comes into focus as you reach the child's head.

    The lighting (old photo feel effect) in this photo, how do you get that color?
    or this one

    And last but certainly not least, the SKIN:

    In the last one, I know you can clone but that can take a LONG time. I have been using Portrait Professional (Cheap edition) to do most of my skin retouching. I use GIMP for the rest of my editing.

    I just bought a new camera with a basic lens, I feel like I'm starting over again with a new brand but MUCH better camera (Nikon D5100), so it may be a glass problem as well.

    Any help or tips is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: How do I achieve this technique?

    Do you call her "this girl" because she's female or because she's younger than you?


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      Re: How do I achieve this technique?

      I have a feeling JGamble0007 is (or knows) the person that shot these. Who else would like to know such a wide variety of techniques produced by one person? It's a cheap way to show photos off.


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        Re: How do I achieve this technique?

        Originally posted by JGAMBLE0007 View Post

        And last but certainly not least, the SKIN:
        Don't go for this please.
        I know my post doesn't help you get where you want to go, but at least it tells you where you shouldn't want to go

        --shift studio.


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          Re: How do I achieve this technique?

          I could not see anything that particularly stood out as special technique so my thoughts on how to achieve similar:
          No 1 Subject against the light, exposure based on face tones, wide aperture and processed curves.
          No 2 use a wide aperture to control depth of field
          No 3& 4 Play with curves to adjust colour and contrast
          Last one looks like all skin texture has been lost - you could do this with blurring or Portrait Professional

          The Nikon D5100 even with 'basic' kit lens is capable of producing very good images - I doubt that you have a 'glass problem'. If the problem you mentioned is sharpness then technique is first suspect.

          If you are using the camera hand held try using a tripod and cable release and manual focus to at least confirm that you are not introducing camera shake and your focus point is exactly where you want it to be.

          If you need to shoot handheld then try and use a shutter speed at least 2x the focal of the lens e.g. 100mm lens use 1/200 or higher.
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