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Braces removed - need some C&C

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  • Braces removed - need some C&C

    I haven't done much in the way of removing braces. Her mouth was especially difficult for me because the braces are small compared to the teeth, there are missing teeth, the teeth are discolored and the mouth is somewhat shadowed.

    I want her teeth to look natural. Very much how they might look after the dental work is complete.

    I could use some feedback on how they look and what I might do to improve them. This is a senior high school portrait. While I dislike the first image, the client is enamored with it and that's what counts.

    Shot 1 - before
    Shot 1 - after

    Shot 2 - before
    Shot 2 - after

    You can go directly to as well

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Braces removed - need some C&C

    So far I think you are off to a great start! Tis the client we must cater to... They pay the bills..

    To me it looks like the two teeth you added are set to high and no gum is showing and they look more like incisors than premolars... and you still need another molar on top... the bottom lip would probably be covering the bottom of the last two teeth after adding another molar...

    It seems the bottom teeth have magically disappeared


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      Re: Braces removed - need some C&C

      Thank you!

      I couldn't see the bottom teeth in the original, just the braces. I made some failed attempts at adding bottom teeth but nothing looked right. I'll have to study a mouth full of teeth and see if I can adjust he shapes and placement as well as add bottom teeth.


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        Re: Braces removed - need some C&C

        Hi Drode
        I think that is a great job. Only one thing that stood out for me and that is the teeth looked real matte. Most teeth are moist and have a sheen with them. Given the angle of lighting that is apparent from the reflections in the subjects eyes, there should be some sheen on the teeth (if that is the right word). Here are some links to examples on Stock Exchange that show this light variation on teeth:
        Hope that is useful.


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          Re: Braces removed - need some C&C


          I agree that the teeth look too matte. Her un-retouched teeth do as well except for a bit of highlight around the braces. I'm not real sure how to create a natural looking sheen on the teeth.

          I think there was (maybe still is) some kind of cling-wrap like filter in PS that creates a kind of shiny, shaped specular highlight. If I can find it, that may help.


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            Re: Braces removed - need some C&C

            Hi Drode

            Here is your image with added some reflection from the lights on the teeth. All I did was envision where the lights would reflect off the teeth surface and use the dodge tool or equivalent approach (I added a 50% gray layer set to vivid {could do transparent layer} above the original and painted with white brush set between 5% and 10% and brush selectively). I am not an expert at this so this was just my quick attempt. Its subtle yet I think it makes just a tad more real. Hope this is useful.



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              Re: Braces removed - need some C&C

              Nice work, thanks. I think the key is imagining what the highlights and shadows should look like. The techniques seem fairly obvious after the fact

              I think were I need the most work is in training my eye (mind) to see.

              Every time I try something new or get some advice like yours I learn to see things a little better.


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                Re: Braces removed - need some C&C

                I've had a quick go for practice sake I've used the patch tools patch around the brace and patch on the upper lips area, then used the smudge tool in lighten mode at 33% opacity gently work on the teeth and used the dodge tools 2% highlights to highlight the teeth.

                I didn't work too much on the teeth but just show you another example to get rid of braces.
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