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Sharpening real blurry image

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  • Sharpening real blurry image

    I just did a restoration that was a real blurry, small original. It also had a lot of tiny speckaling white and black spots. I discovered a sharpening techique while playing around with it;

    -Used a real low amount setting, about 25
    -Used a high radias to raise the contrast with-in the big areas of blurryness
    -Just enough threshold to look good

    This defined the shapes of the blurry image and removed the little speckled spots in one pass. Got a heady rush of euphoria ...


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    There's nothing like the joy of discovering something that could save so many tears in the future - Out of interest have you had chance to try the method on another photo of similar condition?

    Stephen Marsh has a great site devoted to this and many other techniques for photoshop and digital editing, if you scan down this page he has a section on Sharpening and USM, also many more links on photo editing etc..


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      Hi Mike, I have tried this on other photos and it hasn't worked - it seems the image has to be really blurry in order to group the blurriness into higher contrast "grouped blobs" that give the illusion of more detail - and have the side effect of cleaning up the image.

      Thanks for the reply and the link, I will check it out.