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Color correction, but how?

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  • Color correction, but how?

    Dear all,

    I've got a problem with wrong colors in an image. I've searched quite a bit on the net, but since I'm not a native speaker, I just don't know which keywords I need to search for. I'm pretty sure this is a known problem and that there's a solution for it. Ok, here's the image that gives me trouble: (example image taken from a recent pic of the day article on wikipedia)

    As you see, the antenna of the butterfly has a greenish color from the background. After using the scissor tool to isolate the butterfly from the background, the resulting image will have a greenish color there, and in some other regions. So, is there a way to remove this greenish tint to make the resulting image look more natural. I'm using GIMP for photo correction, if you know a GIMP way that would be preferable, but PS is ok with me as well!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Cheers & a happy new year,

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    Re: Color correction, but how?

    Try feathering the butterfly in Photoshop, you should clone the antenna
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      Re: Color correction, but how?

      Use a Hue saturation layer and reduce saturation of the greens.
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        Re: Color correction, but how?

        You guys are so silly. Just reducing saturation won't fix everything. Feathering won't fix anything.

        Cut out the insect. Apply masked color correction to the areas that retain color contamination. You can lighten, darken, and adjust color on those edge parts. You just have to mask out your adjustments, and clip them to the layer with the insect, but everyone deals with these problems.

        Basically you divide it into steps. You cut out the insect, then you apply corrections to the areas that don't look correct. There's no way to get it to just cut out perfectly without contamination from the background as it's clearly present in the photo.


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          Re: Color correction, but how?

          What kav said.
          Mask out the butterfly, then you apply local adjustments around the edges to remove the green. You could also clone in color from good areas (and possibly blend with color blend mode). Many ways to skin the cow. I don't use Gimp so I cannot tell you any exact steps.
          Screen shot 2011-12-27 at 10.23.43.png

          Another option worth mentioning:
          In Photoshop, if using refine edge (or mask edge as it is called in the mask palette) in CS5 you can apply automatic color decontamination that will try to remove the color cast around the edges. Very quick (but not always as good as something manual).
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            Re: Color correction, but how?

            Ok thanks for the many answers, I'll try out the suggestions and see how far I can get with it. I''ll post the results, but this may take a while since holiday is over .


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              Re: Color correction, but how?

              Personally, for this kind of image with one color bleeding in, I would select one area that is particularly problematic, then click on "selective color" which will create a mask from the selection. Adjust the green until it is back to a neutral color that works, then go ahead and paint this adjustment into all the other areas that are have a green bleed, and tidy up your mask. It should take only a minute


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                Re: Color correction, but how?

                Wonderful! Since the contamination was green, I simply reduced green levels for a layer copy, then set a black layer mask on it and painted in the areas that needed less green. Easy job, thanks for your advice!


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