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First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

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  • First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!


    I have just recently joined RetouchPRO. After producing music for the last decade or so, I decided to return to school @ the U of M to get a Graphic Design degree. I have recently taken a great interest in retouching, and I've been studying this art extensively for the last 3 months or so.

    I found an online contest (Editable Photos), and decided to give it a shot. The image was provided by them. This is my first attempt at a beauty retouch. I would really appreciate feedback.

    Lastly, I'd just like to mention how impressed I am with this site, and how all of you help each other out. You are awesome! It's really inspiring, not to mention helpful in the biggest way.

    Image link:

    Happy New Year!

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    Re: First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

    I just noticed I posted this in the wrong area. How do I delete a thread?!


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      Re: First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

      I like it a lot. I think you did a really good job. Small critiques - perhaps somewhat subjective... I don't like the top right hair with the big swoop. Prefer some loose strands. If going to fill in with all dark tone, I would take it all the way out - no small corner of background -same with back left edge.

      I would like to see some further work on the hand - right around the base of the heel area. Just smooth out a tad more.

      I really like the skin tones. Makes her look more Asian - not sure if she is or if that was your intended outcome - but it really works.


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        Re: First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

        Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. The small critiques help me out. I may just rework a few things in those areas and see what I can come up with. I see what you're talking about, though.
        Yeah, I was trying to push the skin tone in that direction. I have no idea if she's Asian, but for some reason I thought going in that direction would enhance the image. It's great to hear that it worked on some level.


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          Re: First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

          Looks good! My advice would be to work on the lip line a bit more and straighten the eyeliner a bit :-). Great work tho!


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            Re: First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

            very very nice work brother. keep it up


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              Re: First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

              Aside from what has already been posted my only suggestion would be that you allowed the eyes to be darkened; if that was the intent then disregard my remark.
              If not intended I would suggest revisiting the eyes to either brighten the iris more, or at least return its original color levels.


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                Re: First Retouch- Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

                Thanks again for the feedback, everyone!

                @ FelineZegers: I see what you mean. As I become more and more familiar with retouching, I'm beginning to refine my eyes. I agree with both of your suggestions. Thanks!

                @ Vernon: I totally missed that when I did this retouch. I have since gotten a new monitor, and the first time I looked at this retouch on it, I noticed that. I'm not sure what my deal was before, but that slipped by me somehow. Thanks for the great advice, though!


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