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    ...Like Vikki....just playing around ....

    I tried a more 'dramatic' eye make up
    I applied a pink fard to Sande's cheeks
    I darkened the colour of her lipstick
    ...and slightly changed the colour of her hair....
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      Great job guys. I'm on my honeymoon but I'll get back to you later! :-)


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        Have a nice honeymoon, and you have gotten alot of advise but why you would want to change the total look of such a good looking women. Well to each his own. Anyway here is my two cents.

        Slight adjsutment in curves to bring up highlights recolor the faces and crop and you have a high fasion picture. She has blonde hair why make it red. She has great eyes and lips, maby its me but she looks great as is.
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          Originally posted by phili1
          Have a nice honeymoon, and you have gotten alot of advise but why you would want to change the total look of such a good looking women.
          Because I'm trying to learn the photoshop techniques.
          This is a photoshop retouching forum, afterall!


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            Ok Jazz now I understand. I know its a retouch forum but I have a tendency to look at things as if I had to do a job for a customer. Retouch face color, clean up hair and blemishes. But I am now into Photo art as well so I also am learning a new tech.

            I just saw an article in Pc Photo a plug in for Adobe from Digital LIght & color a new way of adjusting color on skin, eyes , haior etc.

            Again Have a great Honymoon.


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              Hey everyone

              hey i saw your picture and i did a little editing on it(makeup) usually one who is inclined to makeup looks that are rather old. i usually get my inspiration from the 1930's-1960's and also something that really helped me is the book "The beauty of coloour" by Iman the most beautifull woman in the deals with makeup looks for all skin types and tones and it helped me immensely in developing my makeup skils.....anyways for this picture i decided to go for full coverage in foundation(skin makeup) its and old thing hehe and some strong eye makeup as well....please leave your comments and tell me what you think



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                first off, congratulations on the wedding!

                and second, i know you're purpose here is learning digital makeup, but i'd just like to point out one thing; it's not always about the makeup.

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                  my advice is to first clean the tones and balance the color in the whole image.. this is kinda like appying foundation, always the first step in makeup application

                  Get familar with using/creating your own brushes. shape dynamics/color dynamics, etc,etc

                  Color modes are key. .play with everything.. especially color/hue/sat/softlight/multiply

                  And research color science..

                  Here is my messing around thus far.. Maybe i'll add more makeup as an example since that's your interest..
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