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Tutorial: Photo Rotation With Ruler Tool

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  • Tutorial: Photo Rotation With Ruler Tool

    Hi everybody

    I just made my first video tutorial, so why not to share it with you, huh?

    Photoshop Tips and Tricks: Photo Rotation With Ruler Tool:

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    Re: Tutorial: Photo Rotation With Ruler Tool

    For me there's a black line underneath your desktop.
    Also you might want to show the end result at the beginning so the users can better decide whether to watch the entire video or not :-).
    And since this is very extreme in your video, you might want to check out Audacity to remove noise in your audio files (here's a tutorial on how to do that:

    The content of the tutorial is pretty good, you showed the important parts of using the ruler tool in Photoshop. However you could probably make this a little more compact so people don't have to watch 3 minutes of video to see how to press a button (I'm teasing a little, hope you don't mind :-)!).
    Also half finished images don't look good, if you can't do it in acceptable amount of time, just do it upfront and enable the layer when it's needed after showing the important parts of how it's done.


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      Re: Tutorial: Photo Rotation With Ruler Tool

      I wish to say thanks for your comments. I will take them very serious and next tutorial will be better. Thank you again


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