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Getting REALLY frustrated. Can anyone help?

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  • Getting REALLY frustrated. Can anyone help?

    I Frickin' HATE cloning. Seriously.

    I tried to get the model's wig as neat as possible, but after being outside with it and having it blown around, it was staticy and uncooperative. Still, I thought I had taken care of most of the mess, but I either over looked this little bit, or just flat out didn't notice it. Either way, I hate it and I want it gone but it's a mess.

    I've tried cloning it out, but I think I sincerely SUCK at cloning.

    I'm at the point where I'm about to just leave it and the hell with it.

    I've tried changing the blend mode of the cloning tool... I've tried changing the flow and opacity of the clone tool... I've tried both the Heal Brush and the Spot Heal brush.... in CONJUNCTION with the cloning tool...

    I've tried creating frequency separation layers and working with those tools on the texture layer and then trying to run an inverted high pass to smooth out the color...

    I'm at my wits end.

    100% crop:

    It's the stuff coming down across her eyebrow and making a little loop back into her hair. I can't friggin get rid of it cleanly.

    I'm not a hardcore retoucher like some of you are... I'm just a photographer trying to get rid of this freakin' hair... so if you have *any* advice or tips... they would be GREATLY appreciated.


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    Re: Getting REALLY frustrated. Can anyone help?

    Hi Emily!

    Have you tried a very tiny small healing brush with content aware checked?
    I had a go and I think it could work. Good luck!




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      Re: Getting REALLY frustrated. Can anyone help?

      I was using a healing brush with content aware checked, but maybe I wasn't small enough. I took a break for a little bit, but when I go back to it, I'll give it another try with a smaller brush!

      Thanks for your response!


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        Re: Getting REALLY frustrated. Can anyone help?

        Hello Emily!
        Recently i was searching solution for similar problem - a lot of flying hair at complicated area. Try to work with simple healing brush (i prefer it, maybe you more like cloning stamp) at single hairs, removing one single hair completely, but saving skin and texture pattern from beginning to the end. Step after step you will have a cleaner and cleaner image, that will sweep your confusion away. It always easier to work step-by-step, than with the whole butch of hair.


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          Re: Getting REALLY frustrated. Can anyone help?

          JC - Thanks for your response

          I ended up getting it after a few more hours of pain and frustration, haha. But what I ended up doing was very similar to what you said, although, I did use the cloning tool rather than the healing tool to remove the individual strands. Some of the strands of hair were so close to one another that using the heal brush cause the colors to bleed to much, which is why I stuck to the cloning tool. But yes, you're absolutely right... taking it step by step was certainly the way to go.