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  • Navigating an Image

    I just stubled across this by accident (it may have been mentioned before here, but if it was, I missed it)
    In Photoshop (I'm using 7, but I would be surprised if it was different in previous versions) when you're working on an image with, let's say the clone tool for example, if you press hold down the space bar while clicking and moving, it temporarily changes to the Hand tool so you can navigate the image without actually switching tools. when you release the space bar, it goes back to the tool you were using before. This is one thing I missed about GIMP, since in there you can navigate around just by clicking the middle mouse button, I hadn't figured out the equivilent in photoshop before now. I find this most useful when I'm working in full screen mode (I like the mode where its only the image on screen = Tab + F + F) so I can move around the image quickly without having to have the Navigator dialog on my screen.

    - David

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you David. I have been clicking everything since ps 5 trying to find a way to do that. Thanks a lot.


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      FYI, you can also press the space bar while you're in the process of creating a selection marquee (rectangular and elliptical) to move the selection. Releasing the space bar (while still holding the mouse button) puts you back into sizing the selection. When I learned this it REALLY made the marquee tool a lot easier to use!



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        Debbie - No problem, glad to help.

        Jeanie - great tip! I was wondering if there was a way to do that.

        - David


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