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  • Layer / grading help


    I've created a grade on a specific image using multiple adjustment layers. These layers are all contained in layer group.

    The problem is that I now want to apply this grade to multiple other images from the same shoot (about 200). Is there some way to easily automate this? As in: import the layer group to multiple images, flatten and save.

    Its a bit of a conundrum.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Layer / grading help

    In my opinion, the easiest way is by using actions.
    It allows you to record everything you do, which will reproduced by Photoshop

    Just google for how it's done.
    It isn't that complicated but contains a few steps.

    Perhaps it could be necessary to redo the whole process including the creation of the adjustment layers on one picture, but importing the adj.layer group into the new document should work... usually.

    Maybe there is a way to use the batch function of AdobeBridge which would spare you the need for using Ps directly...


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      Re: Layer / grading help

      Thanks for the reply. I suppose I could redo the whole thing and record it. I mean, I understand how to make an action and batch process and all that, I just wish there was a way to somehow take the current complex layer grouping that I already have, and turn it into some sort of self-contained file that could be imported onto any image. So open an image for example, and then click 'import JON's LAYER GROUP' and then have the grade magically appear on the image. Alas, it seems not to be the case. As I can't save a layer group in any usable / accessible way.


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        Re: Layer / grading help

        Mark layers. duplicate, choose destination, done.
        You could also export as a smart object.


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          Re: Layer / grading help

          Hey chillin

          What you suggested is basically where I'm at now, and can't figure out a way of taking it further.

          Can you think of a way to automate that process? Its all good if I want to duplicate the layers or group onto a single open image, but if I want to do that in a batch of 300 hundred images, it becomes quite time consuming. I just can't think of a usable way of recording the duplicate layer option into some sort of workable action for a load of images. Feel like there must be something I'm missing.


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            Re: Layer / grading help

            Save the settings of your adjustment layers & create an action using them.


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              Re: Layer / grading help

              Instead of trying to copy layers from an existing document, write an action to simply recreate them from presets. Go to your "master", activate each adjustment layer and save it's settings as a preset.

              Then create an action to add adjustment layer, load preset, repeat for next adjustment layer.

              Then use that action in a batch, or better yet with the Image Processor, to do all 200-300 images. Should run farily fast. Faster and easier than trying to open the master, copy layers to target, close master, save target.