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Why am I getting this?

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  • Why am I getting this?

    Lately, as I play with colors, I'm seeing issues with these 'color banding' type of effects. Does anyone have thoughts on what may be causing it and how I can resolve this?

    I currently shoot in Adobe RGB RAW> Bring to LR in Adobe RGB 16 bit > Edit in Photoshop in Adobe RGB Color Space 16 bit > Export in LR in sRGB for web.

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    Re: Why am I getting this?

    even in camera raw an image can only take so much manipulation. Removing color noise will fix this somewhat but will also soften the image. Avoiding extreme shifts in color would be the best prevention...what is happening is that as you play with the colors tiny variations are accentuated so much that they show up on screen. HTH - Nancy


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      Re: Why am I getting this?

      I think it is worthwhile checking your preferences in LR and making sure of your capture in camera:
      Camera - make sure you are actually shooting in RAW
      LR - AFAIK editing in LR is in ProPhoto by default

      It is possible that you are introducing banding by stepping in and out of different editing spaces.

      Instead of going back to LR after editing in PS have you tried Save for Web in PS. This should give you a suitable 8 bit sRGB image and may help you with banding issues


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        Re: Why am I getting this?

        when you develop RAW you sharpen the image in LR before export
        those can be slight halos from sharpening, which get exaggerated after post corrections

        in LR, try to set Details>Sharpening>Amount: 0,
        and see if the problem gets solved

        in combination with that there could be some colour-noise leftovers from the NR,
        where around edges the NR is not good enough to clean it up
        (turning-off NR will help you pin down the source of the problem)


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