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Restoring aged black and white photos

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  • Restoring aged black and white photos

    Hello all,

    I'm a total newbie to digital photo restoration, and I could use some advice. My mother has a good number (hundreds) of black and white photos of previous generations of our family who have passed. One of them is special - it's the only surviving photo of my grandfather during the Vietnam war. I have a decent copy now from scanning, and I want to lighten up the 'colors' so you can see his name badge, rank, and facial details better. I know the detail is there, I just have to coax it out. I've downloaded GIMP 2.6, but I really don't have a clue how to use it.

    I'm asking for tips on how to fix this special picture, but I don't want to pay anyone to fix it. Instead, I need to understand how it can be fixed so I can go about digitally archiving the piles and piles of B&W photos my mom has in the same manner. Think "teach a man to fish" here!

    I've attached a 99Kb JPEG version here, and I have a 3.75MB BMP from the scan. I just don't know how to upload it. Sorry for my noobishness!

    Thanks so much for your time!
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    Re: Restoring aged black and white photos

    i think you need to rescan it at a higher dpi could be the small image you posted
    cant see detail your after


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      Re: Restoring aged black and white photos

      This is an upload of the larger scan, does that help you see it?
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